Holiday Greenery

Holiday Greenery Sales - 

Visit and enter the Fundraising Code TR99NE003 to see our troop's fundraising site and order so that the troop gets credit for the sale.

Our troop will offer 25 inch wreaths and sprays. Online prices ARE NOT our prices.  Please order directly from a Scout to receive our special pricing (Wreaths from $25-36. Sprays from $25-32).  All other products may be ordered online only.

SALES WILL START September 25th thru October 23rd for Deliver date by December 1st. We will be selling outside SVdP after masses the weekend of Oct 28 & 29.

The boys earn 50% of profits* toward scout account for individual sales; after-mass sales will be divided by the scouts selling. All online sales go to the troop fund for summer camp expenses.

Scouts are also welcome to sell them to neighbors, friends and family. 

*profits will be determined after final product costs are obtained and final sales prices set.