Troop Leadership

Below you can find all the names of the Scout leaders and Adult leaders in our Troop for our current term (fall/winter 2023-2024).

LEADERSHIP ELECTIONS - Next elections: March, 2024.  Scouts must attend elections meetings!

Troop Leadership

Leadership Positions within the Troop are elected every 6 months by the Troop members.  

At least 50% of Troop members must be present for elections.  

Scouts seeking leadership positions are required to complete the APPLICATION (see linked form) and prepare/present a one-minute speech at the Meeting when elections will be held. ALSO, please complete this form to let us know of your intention to apply and to get your name on the ballot.

National Youth Leadership Training is available to Scouts 13 years and older, a registered member or the troop and have earned First Class rank.